BigQuery Tools

See which datasets, tables and queries cost the most

Visualize BigQuery costs

See what datasets and tables are taking up the most space. Query cost analysis coming soon.

Largest Datasets

$/Month Bytes Dataset ID
75 75% $10.76 538.0 GiB dev_foo
22 22% $3.10 155.0 GiB foo
2 2% $0.24 12.2 GiB dev_bar
1 1% $0.10 5.1 GiB bar

Temporarily Disabled

This version of the application was costing me too much, so I've temporarily taken it down until I can fix the cost issues. Thanks for your patience!

How it works

BigQuery Tools requests temporary read-only access to BigQuery. It uses the BigQuery Table API to get statistics for all tables in the project. It then calculates the aggregate storage usage, and shows a sorted list of the top tables.

Open Source

The source code for this tool is available on Github.


We request the permissions we can: Read-only access to BigQuery (the bigquery.readonly API scope). We only request temporary access, so we cannot access your project one hour after you close your browser (in OAuth2: access_type=online). BigQuery Tools runs in App Engine so Google manages security updates and access control. This data we collect is stored in a Cloud SQL database, so we can compute the information we show you. We delete this data on a daily basis to avoid leaking information.

Despite taking all of the precautions we can, at the end of the day, you are granting us temporary read-only access to your BigQuery project, so you'll have to trust us and our software. To reduce that risk further, the code is open source. If you are paranoid, you can run your own instance. We can also probably help if you want to run your own instance. Email Evan ( if you need help.